Relational Intelligence: How to become a relational leader

Relational Intelligence was written as part of the popular Leadership Network book series. It’s a practical guide on how to become a relational leader, someone who embodies the 6 core components of relational intelligence. Many leaders fail to take a serious look at the affect their relating patterns have on their leadership impact. In this book, Steve Saccone unwraps many of the dynamics, especially seen in church leadership, that can either jettison your impact forward or hold you back and stifle your ability to influence others.

Steve has written for various publications including work with the Willow Creek Association,  Leadership Network, Neue Ministry, Relevant Magazine, Relevant Leader, and others on topics such as leadership development, relationalintelligence, mentoring, spiritual formation, and innovation.

  • Unfortunately many leaders see the goals clearly but are visually impaired when it comes to people. If you’re ready to leave behind antiquated models of leadership where results rule over relationship, and join those who are convinced the future is waiting within the untapped potential of the people you lead, then it’s time to up your relational intelligence. You’re going to need it.
    — McManus, Lead Pastor, Mosaic, Los Angeles
  • If you’ve ever wondered why smart leaders do dumb things, this is the book for you. Steve unpacks the dynamics that make leaders most effective–as well as most joyful. You probably don’t need this information yourself, but read it anyway. You’ll think of lots of people who do need it.
    — John Ortberg, Senior Pastor, Menlo Park Presbyterian Church
  • I want to deeply read whatever Steve Saccone writes about leadership. He is not merely a theorist, but a practioner that I greatly admire as I have seen in action what he writes about. Relational Intelligence is thought provoking and most of all practical. Leadership of any form is about people and communication and Steve ingeniously addresses both.
    — Dan Kimball, Lead Pastor, Vintage Faith Church
  • Wow! You cannot read Relational Intelligence and not be challenged, empowered, and equipped. This book has it all, and every leader must read it!
    — Princess Zulu, Advocate and Activist for HIV/AIDS, World Vision Spokeswoman, Author of “Warrior Princess”
  • If anyone is qualified to write on Relational Intelligence it’s Steve Saccone. You’ll have a new friend by the time you’re done reading this book.
    — Mark Batterson, Lead Pastor, National Community Church
  • In the realm of leadership, it’s easy to overlook and underestimate the power of relationships. Steve Saccone refuses to let us do that…pointing to issues in our inner and outer worlds that significantly shape our influence as leaders. For those of us who value leading through relationship, this book is a wise investment.
    — Nancy Ortberg, CEO, Transforming the Bay
  • Curiosity got me started in this book; great insight kept me reading; transformation has me planning on reading it again! Steve Saccone takes the mystery out of “how to” when it comes to influencing others. This book will carve years off the learning curve for emerging leaders. Brilliant stuff!
    — Ed Gungor, New York Times Best Selling Author