Relational Intelligence: Necessary Conversations

Jesus tells us that if there is a conflict, go have a conversation with the person we are in conflict with. But why should we go, when should we go, and how should we go?

Relational Intelligence: Know When to Say No

If we want to foster relational health in our lives, we must learn when to say yes and when to say no. Where do we draw the line? And how do we avoid feeling guilty about setting boundaries?

Life Giving Practices

We long for real transformation, but how do we get in alignment with who God made us to be? This is the realm of spiritual formation, an ongoing alignment where, through life-giving practices, we begin to desire what God desires, respond how God responds.


The idea of "adoption" or "sonship" is threaded through the New Testament, and it reminds us who and what we belong to. When we understand adoption accurately, it changes how we live and how we relate to God and to others.