If you'd like Steve to speak or provide customized one-on-one coaching, please refer to the packages offered below:


1. Strengths Finder +

Steve is a certified Gallup Strengths Consultant and will provide a comprehensive overview of talent discovery, compelling research that supports the philosophy of living from one's strengths rather than investing energy in overcoming one's weaknesses, and a solid and insightful construct based on understanding complex variations of strengths that helps to increase a person's effectiveness, impact, influence, and healthy team dynamics.

2. Myers Briggs +

Steve is a certified Myers Briggs Consultant and will facilitate self-discovery and discussion related to the MBTI assessment, analyze the results, and offer practical application of understanding one's own personality type, as well as other's personality types. In half day and whole day workshops Steve will guide the conversation into deeper learning around interpersonal communication styles, responding to change, self-management, decision-making, and navigating one's priorities with increased wisdom.

3. Team Dynamics and Conflict Resolution +

This package addresses obstacles that block team development and innovation as well as offer tips on how to catalyze team cohesion, efficiency, resourceful problem solving, and creativity. Teams will come away with increased relational and emotional intelligence, as well as have established clarity of roles and responsibilities on the team.

4. Leadership Development +

Steve will provide essential pathways to cultivate a more effective and intentional leadership culture, as well as cast a solid vision emphasizing the value of leading from a place of integrity. This package includes learning how to develop a leadership pipeline, grow people through guided goal setting and strategic reinforcement, and cultivate environments for leaders to live with increased clarity of vision, mission, and values.

5. DISC +

Steve is a certified DISC consultant and will facilitate learning and dialogue related to this assessment, offer analysis and insights about how one's DISC profile affects and informs their work and relationships, as well as guide people towards practical applications in their personal and professional life. Steve uses the DISC primarily to help people focus on improved individual performance and to build healthier team dynamics.

6. BLUEPRINT: Discovering God's Design For Your Life +

Every human being was designed uniquely and originally by God, handcrafted as his masterpiece. We are created to do good, and most importantly, to carry out a unique God-given mission and purpose in this life. Perhaps you find yourself on this quest as well. Maybe you have deeper questions about who you are, where you're going, and who you are becoming. Discovering your calling and purpose is so important, and that's why Steve Saccone has developed a learning process for individuals and groups that helps facilitate self-discovery, increased intentionality, and practical application for everyday life. In essence, this experience involves discovering God's dreams and designs for your life. It centers on how you can discover how to live an original life, one that honors God and impacts the world around you. If you're interested in learning more about this weekend experience or to receive customized coaching with Steve in a group setting, please contact Steve Saccone.

Retreat Speaking

1. Spiritual Formation Emphasis Package +

Steve will lead the group through a time of renewal, reflection, and interactive exercises, all designed to accelerate inner growth as well as group connectivity, and to help people solidify a collective and individual identity rooted deeply in Christ. Within this package, Steve can customize according to the group needs and objectives. For instance, it could be a weekend specifically focused on prayer or it could be more broadly designed around how to foster authentic spiritual transformation, delving into a variety of spiritual practices.

2. Leadership Development Emphasis Package +

Steve will lead the group through exclusive content that's specific to effective, innovative, and courageous leadership, facilitate vital discussions and interactions necessary for individual as well as group leader development, and offer customized counsel as it relates to specific organizational and group areas of growth needs. Within this package, Steve can customize according to the group needs and objectives. For instance, there can be emphasis in relational leadership, missional leadership, self-leadership, or team leadership.

3. Customized Package +

Steve leads retreats around specific topics that include Living a Missional Life, Preparing for Hardship, Disappointment, and Heartache, Building a Strong Prayer Life, Living an Original Life, The Art of Disciple-making, Hearing God's Voice, Optimizing the Impact of Spiritual Gifts, and Relational Intelligence: Mastering What Matters Most. These retreats are typically built around 3 talks but can have the option of a 4th talk.


1. Spiritual Formation Coaching +

This package provides potent and relevant assessments related to emotional and spiritual growth (the primary assessment, interpretation and application is derived from the Enneagram construct), will facilitate vital discussions based on prevalent growth needs and areas of struggle, and will address varying dimensions of character as well as offer concrete applications toward greater character formation.

2. Leadership Coaching +

Steve will provide coaching regarding interpretation and application of substantive assessments such as the Gallup Strengths Finder, Myers Briggs, and DISC, facilitate self-discovery and discussion with focus on one's personal dreams and vision of the future, as well as provide a customized growth plan that's based on comprehensive analysis and evaluation. This package focuses on clarifying and maximizing what style of a leader a person is, as well as determining a growth plan for ongoing intentional development.

3. Personal Life Coaching +

This package brings attention to the strong undercurrents of one's life: personal challenges, handling conflict, interpersonal communication challenges, gaining wisdom in significant relationships, love languages, and other current personal struggles. Steve will guide the conversation as he addresses these varying aspects that profoundly impact the quality of one's spiritual, emotional, and relational life. He will also offer counsel based on decades of counseling experience both in ministry and leadership contexts.

4. Church Planter Training +

The sobering reality of church planting is that many churches don't make it past the first few years. With such high turnover, dropout, and burnout rates among church planters today, we need planters who are well equipped to execute God's call on their lives. One of Steve Saccone's passion areas involves developing strong, healthy leaders who live and lead well. His development process involves a unique and proven approach to training church planters using 12 leadership competencies identified by Multiply. The process is highly relational, which means a coaching and mentoring approach is at the heart of the process. If you are interested in exploring more, please contact Steve Saccone.


The Protege Training Experience (PTX) is a leadership development training program designed for an array of visioneers and leaders who are committed to integrating their skills and talents into their Christ-centered mission within their chosen vocation. This includes emerging church leaders, pastors, church staff, business leaders, non-profit visioneers, ministry interns, and other faith-based entrepreneurs. PTX offers a platform of learning to the leader who recognizes the value of ongoing personal development as it relates to not only external effectiveness, but more importantly, internal growth that paves the path toward healthy leadership.



For each hour, the cost is $250. When booking 5 or more hours, discounts are available. When travel is necessary, expenses are assumed to be covered.

Hour-by-hour workshop options

*Adding multiple topics in one-hour segments is also available to create a customized package geared toward your team or organizational needs.


To book Steve for a retreat, that includes speaking 3 times (a 4th talk is an option), the cost is $3,000. If you would like to further customize the content to meet your team or organizational needs, please email us and we can discuss this.


For each one hour session, the cost is $100 (typically Steve works on a 2 times per month, or alternatively a 1 time per month rhythm). Coaching is paid for in 6 session increments, and discounts are available when purchasing 12 sessions at once.


$1000 for 6 months, $600 for 3 months.

One-on-one coaching is provided through one, two, or all three packages as outlined above. Each package consists of 6 sessions. Two packages consists of 12 sessions, three packages consists of 18 sessions. This can be done online (video Skype or google hangout) or in person. Steve also does group coaching (i.e. 1 on 3, or 1 on 4).


Please contact Steve Saccone to discuss details.