Our book is out!

Cheri and I are both very excited to announce that we wrote a book together, and it is now out! It's a narrative style book, that recounts 6 of our friends whom we have traveled with through life together, having many meaningful and spiritually significant conversations. The idea of the book revolves around inviting the reader to "go back in time with us" and listen in on those conversations. The hope is, that these stories will inspire people in their own lives to talk about God with others, to journey with people in authentic friendship, to learn how to better show people dignity who they have many points of disagreements, and to ultimately share their faith in a way that is compelling and engaging to peopel who are searching to find and know God. 


We are honored to partner with Nav Press / Tyndale Publishers, and we are excited to see how God is going to use this book! We would kindly request that you would pray a simple prayer that God would use it how He wishes, and also that you would tell a friend, or friends about this book along the way. We really believe in the message of the book, and believe it can inspire people to live differently, engage friendships differently, and ultimately make a difference with their life!